Harbor of Life Ministries is a community of believers in Christ who are passionate in hosting the presence
of God in worship and to see the lost saved through the gospel, and to witness the lives of people being
transformed by the power of God.,
Our Mission
Lead people to Christ.
Encourage people to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus.
Acknowledge individual talents and  spiritual  gifts from God.
Develop individuals as leaders and workers for God.
Our Core Values
We value the Holy Bible as the inerrant word of God.
 We believe in the power of Prayer & Fasting.
We desire to create an atmosphere
where God’s presence dwells through Praise & Worship.
 We see the worth of Fellowship & Family as an avenue to enrich each others lives.
 We emphasize Excellence & Integrity in ministry.
We  want to cultivate a heart of Generosity and Compassion.
 We want to instill Creativity, Innovation & Cultural Relevance in the ministry marketplace.
Our Vision
To see every person come into the knowledge of God’s love, to grow in their journey with Jesus and to experience the realities of heaven on earth.